About Me

Name: Htun Linn Latt
ABOUT_MEEmail: linn@linnitcenter.com, htunlin@yahoo.com

I was born in Mandalay, Burma (South East Asia). In my early 20, I went to Singapore for a year and moved to South Korea in 1997-2001, before I settled down in the U.S.

When I was young, I liked to draw, watch cartoons movies and read adventure books. As a teenager, I started to play the Guitar, which was inspired by Zaw Win Htut (My mother bought his first album for me on her way back from the morning bazaar). Also I loved to take pictures of everything I see with my film camera. My first camera ever was made by China, and only cost me 650Ks(at that time, it was worths about $50).

As soon as I graduated rom my high school, around 1991, I wanted to learn about computers because I thought that I could do better anything with a computer. I saw many images everywhere , such as Time Magazine, NewsWeek, also moving Animation, and Si-Fi Movies. They were all about digital & computer implementation. But my problem was there is no such a thing like this in my country. When I got into a summer computer classes, they taught us about computers with some books and keyboard layout on a paper. There was only one computer with a Floppy Disk Drive without graphical user interface. I had touched that computer may be about 3 times in 3 months long in the class. Also most of the time there wasn’t any electricity in the class. I’ve learned some commands such as >dir, > copy, >exit. Even though I’ve finished that class, I still had no clue how to create those images and movies with a computer.


Relevant Experience & Accomplishments

  • Network Technician Diploma from Florida Career College (anthem.edu)
  • Overall 3.95 GPA from entire classes (Please click on it)
  • Successfully established with small office network planning and setup.
  • Experience with SOHO Router and Switch configuration and managing.
  • Successfully experience with Active Directory, DNS, Web Server
  • Successfully experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effect, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, FrontPage, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, Access, Publisher
  • Used to with Microsoft Exchange server 2003
  • Designing and planning for network design and Cabling.
  • Used to with Java ,HTML ,XML,CSS, and SQL


I have developed some web sites
Wah Ha Ha Restaurant
Mingalar Asian Market
Athephyu Photography
Sitagu Florida
U.N.O.B org.
Jupiter Town Car
Wellington Town Car
Voice of Sushi
Dhammaloka Buddhist Society
Bodhimandaing Org.
Linn Photography (my hobby)
Adam’s Phiily Steak
FCC my Class Assignment Page
Triostation.com(2001 to 2004)
The NExt Store (2010-1012)

Cho Lin Pyar Mag
Burmese Women Union
Mijjhima Way
Yethiha Blog

FCC my Class Assignment Page
More detail in my resume`…

Community Involvement
Adobe.com, Photoshop , Member I have answered a lot of questions in I.T forum
I am currently writing a book(Networking Basic)for my younger brother and students from my country(Burma)
I have made a lot of training videos for PC repair and installation in Burmese
Also I created flash files for Photoshop Techniques in Burmese

English, Korean, Burmese